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Home Stand for Dernoshek at Jennerstown
CANONSBURG, PA (Sept. 24, 2004) – The last visit to Jennerstown Speedway for Logan Dernoshek ended with a less than desired result after motor failure knocked the Hooters ProCup Series rookie out of the event. This weekend, as the series returns for the Charlie Campbell Memorial BFGoodrich Tires 250 presented by Hess Racing Products, Dernoshek hopes that he can rebound from that incident and bring home a solid finish in his first Four Champions Championship Series event.

Dernoshek is coming off of a 15th place finish at Adirondack International Speedway where the team experienced plugwire problems early followed by an accident not of their own doing near the end of the event. The damage to the car following the race in New York looked much worse than it actually was with most of the damage being cosmetic, allowing Dernoshek to be ready to compete this weekend in Jennerstown.

“We got lucky that the car wasn't torn up worse than what it was after Adirondack,” said Dernoshek, a former regular on the short tracks of Western Pennsylvania. “The only thing that was bent on the car was the steering drag link. We had to put the hood from last year on it, a new left side door and fender, and we had to do some straightening to other panels. It’s a shame because it took a lot of time and effort that could have been better spent in other places. It wouldn't have happened if guys were paying attention.”

The event earlier this year at Jennerstown saw Dernoshek running in the top fifteen when the motor detonated coming down the backstretch. That mechanical failure resulted in the team having to miss more events than they had planned and it significantly decreased the team’s budget for 2004. Nonetheless, the driver of the unsponsored No. 10 Pontiac comes into this event with a positive outlook.

“I wouldn't say that Jennerstown owes us one, but we are definitely looking to have a better outing than we did in the spring,” he admitted. “I think the fact that we ran here in the spring is going to help us because I feel like we left with a pretty good setup to start practice with this time. I just wish we had the money to test that hypothesis like the other guys.

“It’s most likely going to be cooler this time and the track has had a season of racing on the new asphalt so it will be a little different,” Dernoshek continued. “Running the medium tires instead of the hard tires will make things a little better for us because we really never got a good handle on the hard tires here. The biggest thing for us is that we get to come back to a place where we’ve run already this year so we have a better starting setup than last time. We have some more horsepower this time around, too, so that should help.”

This will be the third race of the season that Dernoshek has encountered a stiff contingent of southern drivers from the ProCup Series. With the merging of the two series for the Championship Series, the level of competition increases greatly. Dernoshek realizes this but is still confident in his team. The No. 10 Pontiac was knocking on the door of the top ten at Mansfield, a race where a number of southern drivers came to scope out the facility for the next event on the schedule.

“Our biggest and foremost goal is to qualify,” Dernoshek said. “There are going to be a lot of quality cars at this race and we need to focus on qualifying for the race. Once we are in the show, it’s just a matter of running as hard as we can and trying to get the best finish we can. This race is going to determine what we do for the rest of the championship races. If we qualify and have a decent run like I believe we can, we might be able to afford to go to Mansfield. If not, we will most likely be done for the year and start rebuilding for next year.”

Logan Dernoshek Racing, Inc. is actively seeking sponsors and marketing partners for their efforts in the USAR Hooters ProCup Four Champions Championship Series and beyond. Interested parties can contact the team through USAR or through team marketing rep Tony Stevens at (412) 225-0348 for more information. More information about Logan Dernoshek and the team can be found online at

Tickets are still available for the Charlie Campbell Memorial BFGoodrich Tires 250 presented by Hess Racing Products by calling Jennerstown Speedway at (814) 629-6677 or visiting the track website at For thos unable to attend, the event will be broadcast on Speed Channel at 8pm ET on September 30 and at noon on October 1 in conjunction with the "Lunch at Hooters" promotion.



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