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Problems Find Dernoshek at Adirondack International Speedway
BEAVER FALLS, NY (Sept. 11, 2004) – The No. 10 unsponsored Pontiac of Logan Dernoshek was heading toward a solid finish Friday night at Adirondack International Speedway until a plugwire caught fire on the nuclear green machine of Dernoshek early in the event. That, in addition to a late race altercation, contributed to the team’s 15th place finish. That accident with 14 laps to go in the event ended the evening early for the team from Canonsburg, Penn.

The Dernoshek team unloaded their car and found they had a good amount of work to do in order to be within pace of the leaders. Three major adjustments later, the team was only 16th fast on the speed charts after the two hour practice session. Thanks to more adjustments and new tires before qualifying, Dernoshek rounded the half-mile speedway in 17.916 seconds, good enough to start in the 11th position.

“We weren’t as good as we thought we’d be when we unloaded,” admitted the driver of the No. 10 unsponsored Pontiac. “We changed a lot of stuff, including two different shock combinations. We loosened the car up a bunch to anticipate the track tightening up once the sun went down and that’s why we were a little free for qualifying.”

Dernoshek fell into the running order around 11th early in the event and found the car to be handling much better than it had in practice. About 25 laps into the event, the driver of the unsponsored No. 10 Pontiac crackled over the radio that the motor didn’t sound right, although everything looked normal on the gauges. During the next caution, on lap 33, the rookie driver brought the car to attention of his crew who found a plugwire on fire under the hood. The team lost five laps changing the plugwire.

“It was an unfortunate problem that arose with the plugwire,” Dernoshek said. “It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just one of those things you can’t anticipate. It’s real disappointing because I think we had a solid car that could have finished in the top ten. The car was really good in the race.”

Following the plugwire problem, Dernoshek battled his way back into the top fifteen thanks to attrition and tenacity. After shadowing the leaders during much of the middle portion of the event, he was closing in on a top fifteen finish, despite his problems, until lap 236. The nuclear green machine had slowed to navigate a spinning car down the frontstretch when another car did not slow and the No. 10 car was in his path. Dernoshek’s car acted as a ramp and the other car was vaulted over the left side of the No. 10, tearing the door, front fender, nose, and hood off of the car and ending the night for Dernoshek.

“My spotter did a great job of letting me know about the spin, unfortunately the guy behind me wasn’t as on top of things and ran over us,” said the 25-year old driver. “It’s really disappointing because we were trying to finish the race with the car in one piece to go to our home track at Jennerstown, and now I’m not really sure if we’ll be able to do that. It’s going to be tight.”

Logan Dernoshek Racing, Inc. is actively seeking sponsors and marketing partners for their efforts in the USAR Hooters ProCup Four Champions Championship Series and beyond. Interested parties can contact the team through USAR or through team marketing rep Tony Stevens at (412) 225-0348 for more information. More information about Logan Dernoshek and the team can be found online at

The Naturally Fresh 250 presented by Nice 'n Easy Grocery Shoppe at Adirondack International Speedway will be broadcast on Speed Channel at 8pm ET on September 16 and at noon on September 17 in conjunction with the "Lunch at Hooters" promotion.



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